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Bringing you high quality based Timing, Scoring, and Race Management Systems for various forms of racing and solo style events.  As a development partner of RaceAmerica Timing Systems, we provide timing solutions for autocross, time-trails,  Soap Box Derby, ET Timers, and many others, including custom solutions.

Our Goal

Is to develop competition based timing solutions that meet the exacting needs of your events.

Our solutions are tailored to each type of racing format and ease the burden of Timing, Scoring and Race Management for your events. This includes reducing the amount of labor needed to run your event, manage and manipulate data, provide consistent, accurate, and real-time timing data and reports throughout the event.

Efficient, effective and accurate, our software solutions and RaceAmerica hardware offer outstanding competition solutions to your timing needs.

Reduce the amount of labor needed to run your events, all the way from registration to final results.  Our solutions help you manage your data, provide consistent, accurate, and real-time standings, live results and reports, both during and after the event. Together with our Online Race Management facility, get a fully integrated solution that allows you to manage your club's data on the web, an all-in-one solution from the timing computer all the way to the final results.

Decrease the effort and busy work that can strain the Timing and Scoring crew regardless of the type of events you run.  Our solutions introduce a new level of effectiveness and efficiency with the least amount of effort.  This improves the Timing and Scoring experience for all, including the participants and workers. 

Various software modules allow you to select what you need and thus offer the solutions that you require.

Our software interface provides high levels of integration with our Online Race Management facility to offer you a tunable and seamless means to manage online registrations, club and event data and import and export with simple clicks of a button. This is not just another online registration system...but a system tuned to what our software interfaces expect.


We are committed in providing the highest quality product and support for your timing requirements.  The evolution of all our software solutions is shaped by our clients and their functional requirements. Simply put, we want to be the best in the business and your feedback is crucial and encouraged.

Racing Graphics

In keeping with our racing heritage, we also offer Racing Graphics to help support the racing community. This includes class designations, logos, custom car graphics, and much more. Take a peek at our Race Graphics section. If you don't see what you need, please let us know.

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AXWareTS (Autocross)15.50.018
AXWare PRO TS14.30.069

AXWare Systems ORM
(Online Race Management)

Want to reduce the work load and effort it takes to manage your events, registrations, memberships and much more? Simple...join our AXWare Systems ORM solution set to obtain integrated solutions.  Out software interfaces are integrated with our web solutions to provide seamless downloads, uploads and management of your data. 

Not just a generic online registration system, AXWare Systems ORM gives you the power to tune your organization's data to what you need. Effective and efficient, and saves you time and effort, with improved consistency.

Looking for a Custom Timing solution?

Let us customize a solution to your exacting specifications!

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